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It has that rich vintage sound, T-Rex is known for. Besides the warm crunchy sound, this pedal gives a lot of steady bottom.You can flip back and forth between the two gain settings A and B - by clicking switch A or B. The lid (A or B) is indicating the active gain. The pedal is turned off, by clicking the switch (A or B) that is lid.

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TRex's Dr. Swamp Reviews

Submitted by Marc on 11/24/2008 2:29:20 AM
Purchased at Germany for EUR 199
Music Style: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop
My Rig: 70's LP-Custom/CS-Relic Strat - Dr Swamp/RMC - Wizard Wah - Fuchs ODS 50 Head & 2x12 Emi RWB in Vox 212 Housing
Due to the 2 seperate OD's there are plenty of sounds available. Overall TS-Caharacter, but with more bass, less hump in the mids. Always open & un-compressed sounding, very 'natural' OD/Distortion.
Be aware I have the old version. Problems in the design are: 1. No cascade of OD's; it's either A or B, but not A&B together. 2. Just one tone control for both OD's takes away from the pedal's versatility. (Corrected in new version) 3. Biggest flaw is it has only one Output volume, while having two Drive-volumes. In poractice this means you will have to live with a volume increase when setting e.g. one very low 'crunch' & one 'full drive-out' sound. I use it for rythm-crunch & solo OD, so I can live with the volume difference.
Built like a tank.
I Like
+ Sounds great: Doesn't 'mud up' your guitar and amp's sound. + Has been reliable for almost 3 years now - no hassle!
Don't Like
- Limited flexibility: If you're looking for even output, two separate drive-tones, or cascading drives, look somewhere else. - I have to state I dislike when companies upgrade products and do not let thier customers participate: When I asked them if they could upgrade my Swamp to the new specs, they just said No, go buy a new one. Give4n the price of the pedal, and how TRex presents itself 'From musicinas for musicians', I would have expected different behaviour.
Well, nuff said. The pedals sounds great, but will not give you the flexibility you might expect when first looking at it.

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