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Stereo Chorus flanger

Flanger, Chorus

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For more than 25 years the TC SCF (Stereo Chorus + Pitch Modulator & Flanger) pedal has been the favorite choice of professional musicians. Though originally intended for use with guitars, many keyboard-players have adapted the SCF in their setup – especially to give the extra “touch” on Rhodes electric pianos. Technically way ahead of its time, with the incredible dynamic range and lack of noise, the SCF is still in this new millennium a top selling product and a “must have” for many.

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TCElectronics's Stereo Chorus flanger Reviews

Submitted by corser on 9/24/2008 5:28:58 AM
Purchased at Israel for 1200NIS
Music Style: Classic Rock
My Rig: Gibson LP Studio and Roland JC amp
Well, this is the last chorus i'm gonna buy. It has all i need and it sounds great. The flanger is a bonus
you need to learn how to use it, but actually it has decent outputs in every setting
i got one knob getting louse last month But that's after 3 years
I Like
Sound, Versatility
Run to the shops

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