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RC-2 Loop Station

Loop Recorder

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Authentic Loop Station in a Stomp Box

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Boss's RC-2 Loop Station Reviews

Submitted by noiseman on 1/11/2009 2:19:55 PM
Music Style: Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Slayer
Removes the hum but still the tone is not clean enough.
Submitted by Dave on 4/24/2009 7:59:11 PM
Purchased at Music Express for A$400
Music Style: Country, blues, jazz
My Rig: Use pedal as a practice tool only, through a Vox Pathfinder 15 with whatever guitar I have laying around at the time.
Playback is OK in terms of quality. Not an exact reprodction, but 8/10 good. If you slow down a phrase to learn it, the quality is very average but it works. Drum loops are OK. I was hoping for better. And why are there only 2 country loops, and lots of bossa loops? Do most guitarists play bossa nova? Most of the drum backings I guess aren't my taste, I guess, but if I get into latin music, I'll be set!
For the RC-2, I have to give a low rating. Expect to woodshed with this thing. ie lock yourself away with it and the manual. I think people who say it is easy are lying. I have owned it for 2 years and have FINALLY worked out how to use it. It is kind of too compact. Maybe the 20XL would be eaiser? I had to read the manual literally 15 times to understand it all. It's kind of finicky. I'd only recommed it for the kinds of people who LIKE to spend hours working out all the features of their latest gadget. It's not an intuitive plug and play toy.
Perfect. Sturdy, good.
I Like
Does the job once you figure it out. Has loop quantise, which is great especially since I tend to turn it on and off by hand, since you have to fiddle with all the little knobs to set things like drum pattern, tempo, level, etc. It's a Boss stompbox. So that's a plus.
Don't Like
Took me 2 years to learn how to use the thing.
Fidgety gadget, but once you understand it it's good. I'd probably save for a bigger one since it is more spread out, it might be less finnicky.

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