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Astral Tube


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This is Martin Hugland's, the guitar player of the Astral Doors from Sweden, signature pedal. So far Astral Tube is one of toughest sounding valve distortion emulators produced by АМТ. It is a kick ass pedal, and hands down one of the hardest clearest distortion pedals ever made. The forced over amplification level, a denser lows, a pronounced mid-tone constituent will make your guitar sound unbearably heavy and aggressive. A Speed Metal lead guitar players wet dream!

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AMTElectronics's Astral Tube Reviews

Submitted by Andrea on 11/25/2007 4:42:17 AM
Great sounds. This sounds like creamy tube distortion to me. I've heard soooo many different pedals in my day - this sounds by far the most authentic. I've got an Anderson Hollow Classic T w/ 3 single coils into a Fulltone 2, Distortion Pro, Line 6 Delay Mod. into either a pro verb. or a classic 30 depending on the gig. I like it a bit more cranked through celestions - it sings.
Really, its not brain surgery, but you just need to understand which knob does what.
So far so good...Ive only had it a month and not a problem with it at all. Used it for gigs and I am not worried about this pedal crapping out on me,,just feels like its built solid. Im giving it a 10 rating, I have that much faith in it, and I figure if anything was to go wrong it would have went wrong already.

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